EN Adminissembler

Detailed scope of service:



  • For Customers, Suppliers and Creditors
  • Any number of contact persons per address
  • Any number of customer profiles (Categories)
  • Separate shipping address
  • 4 Correspondence languages, as well as formally or informally
  • Default payment conditions and currency
  • Order history
  • Product history
  • Simple Customer Relation Management (CRM)



  • Personalized E-Mailings directly from within Adminissembler
  • Mailings to selected customer groups
  • Dispatch in customers language (4 languages, as well as formally or informally)
  • Mailing archiv



  • Products and product versiones
  • Any number of product categories
  • Bill of material, divided into up to 4 production steps
  • Requirements calculation / reservation of components
  • Any number of hourly rates (2 are applicable to each production step)
  • Print of assembly sheet incl. comments
  • Production costs calculation, separated by material costs, assembling work and proportionate development costs
  • Weight calculation, gross & net
  • Saving (freezing) of the production costs at closing date
  • Barcode numbers
  • Customs tariff numbers & origene
  • Storage locations
  • Product picture
  • Formula-based calculation of recommended sales prices
  • Sales prices in 2 currencies
  • Discount rates for each category adjustable separately
  • Price lists (retail prices, dealer prices, endorser, wholesale trade) with and without product images



  • Management of serial and software version numbers
  • Management of partially-assembled products
  • Product-history
  • Automatic booking of components used
  • Manual book-in and book-out of products
  • Evaluation of sold products over any time period.
  • Goods in stock at any time
  • Detailed inventory separated by material costs, assembling work and proportionate development costs



  • Any number of component categories
  • Calculation of costs incl. import and foreign currency
  • Management of assemblies and subassemblies (bill of materials and assembling work)
  • Warehouse management of components / stock level
  • Quantities warnings below a user-defined stock level
  • Ordering
  • Storage locations
  • Component picture
  • Evaluation of sold components over any time period.
  • Stock level at any time



Inventory (capital assets)

  • Automatic registration of capital goods when booking in financial accounting
  • Grouped inventory with calculation of upcoming amortization
  • Automated booking of amortizations
  • Automatic booking in financial accounting in case of sale or disposal of an item
  • Automatic invoice creation in case of sale of an item



  • Offer, order confirmation, pro forma invoice, delivery note, commercial invoice, credit note
  • Automatic saving as pdf
  • Freely definable payment terms
  • Any number of bank accounts
  • Volume weight calculation
  • Standard packings
  • Any number of carriers & services
  • Freely definable shipping rates, editable by countries and postal code areas
  • Automated calculation of shipping charges
  • Tracking numbers / Shipping advice
  • Invoices via e-mail
  • Freely definable standard texts for emails (4 languages as well as informally and formally)
  • Customer demand (feedback) function
  • Booking of the warehouse (serial number-based)
  • Automated booking in financial accounting
  • Sales statistics by countries or customers
  • Flexibel letterpaper design


Financial accounting

  • Integrated debitors/creditors accounting
  • Freely definable main currency
  • Any number of foreign currencies
  • VAT & intra-community VAT (EU)
  • Many useful tools for faster booking
  • Account plan in 4 languages
  • Freely definable account groups
  • Varied evaluations



  • Transfer of addresses, product catalog, inventory, components, accounting plan
  • Sophisticated features to adapt the data to Adminissembler
  • Reading backups and data from previous Adminissembler versions



  • User interface English, German & Spanish
  • Another language user definable
  • Export of all data (except "settings")
  • Freely selectable memory locations for pdf files & data backup
  • Access rights for "Marketing & sales", "Product manager", "Purchase", "Production", "Accounting" and "Full access"
  • Any number of users (access accounts)
  • Various Skins

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